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Friday, January 27, 2006

A Corset, a Masque and a Mystery.

Everyone loves a woman in a Corset, especially if she is also wearing suspenders and stockings too! Add a few accessories like silk panties peeking out from under the laced, ribbed Corset, and a pair of long fingerless opera gloves, (She wants to show off her long painted nails), and there she is, my Lady in a Masque.
But what are the vines that bind her to the landscape? Is she part of the landscape, or is this a Mardi-Gras costume?

It has been a while since I drew a Lady in pretty Lingerie, so it was about time I returned to the subject.

And why not, everyone likes corsets and suspenders!!!

A corset a masque a mystery

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Monday, January 16, 2006

Zoo Girl, The Dreamer

Born, with hair as dark as the shadows which make the night their own, this Zoo Girl dreams on...unaware of all the chaos around her.
So what is our Zoo Girl dreaming of ?
You`ll have to use your imagination for that one!!
And I know that some of you have very active imaginations!

And what has Zep been up to since I last posted? Well, you`ll have to use your imagination for that one too!

But I have been cruising through some interesting web sites, one of which will be the subject of my next posting....remember my post on cosmetic surgery?
Well.....I`m going to have a little fun with that subject again!
Bet you can`t wait!

I have found a rather juicy little blog if you are into a bit of titillation...and I know you are.......okay, don`t be put off by the URL title......this racy little blog might sound like a Financial Guide to Student Loans, Debt Consolidation and Mortgage Advice, but don`t let that fool you...I can assure you it`s pretty steamy stuff!!!
A young female student looking for a Bank Loan, meets her Bank Manageress, and the sexual adventures which follow are most certainly worth reading!
I won`t waste it for you by giving away the plot....and yes, there is a good plot!
This is an excellent piece of writing..The Student absolute must!

I`m tempted to set up a meeting with my own Bank Manager now....who knows....
I might get lucky.........!!!!!

Zoo Girl, the Dreamer

Zoo Girl, Red Dream...adventure travel

Ever done a bit of after dark adventure travel?
"adventure travel", I hear you say..."What the hell is she talking about now?!!"

You know....Red Dream adventure travel....the Hot and Steamy adventure travel that happens after dark, when you are all tucked up, snug and warm, and dreaming of hot places and sensual moments........

I just know that you know what I mean.......!!!!

Ah yes, those hot places, those hot little Red Dreams...

So what was in Zep`s mind with this set of images?
I`m really not sure I can tell you that....but I think you can guess....


The Dreamer was just too good an image, and too good a subject to simply be covered with one once I had scanned her into the PC, I decided to play with her.......
Zoo Girl, Red Dreams

Zoo Girl, Fractured Dream

Isn`t this information technology age we live in quite wonderful!
I popped out to my local appliance store and bought myself a Trust Wireless Scroll Tablet....A TB-4200 to be precise.
Not in the least bit expensive, but definately a best buy!

Before starting this blog, the information technology age was something other people were involved with. My PC was something which merely sent and received emails...!

But I am learning! And, as an artist, I have a new toy!

Using the original watercolour, and my new wireless scroll tablet, I played around with art programs on the PC. Something I never imagined doing not so long ago.
Perfect for a wee bit of abstraction!

Zoo Girl Fractured Dreams