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Sunday, May 01, 2005

My friend Babs

I have always admired Babs. She was a true Vamp and Diva.
I never knew whether her sunglasses were Ray-Ban or Dolce, but she never took them off.
She had the most amazing Designer Collection of Evening Dresses and scarves, made from beautiful Silk, Velvet and Lace.
She always wore the sexiest Lingerie, with a particular passion for Corsets, Suspender Garters and Stockings. She favoured textured, patterned or striped Stockings.

Her jewellery, lipstick, nails and accessories always matched her outfit, and I never saw her with a hair out of place. I think she visited her Hair Stylist once a week.
And always smelling divine. She had a love of Chanel perfume. She never wore anything else.
Chanel Coco when in evening wear, and Chanel No5 when she `felt floral`.
Babs moved away, which was a real pity. She was a true DIVA.

Some thoughts on Cosmetic Surgery.

I have been off with a bout of `flu, all tucked up warm in my cosy bed, but I saw too much TV, too many chat shows, Cosmetic Surgery endless stream of people who hate their own bodies.
Most of them looked just fine, but each had a shopping, wish-list of `quick-fix`, off-the-shelf operations. The fact that they look just fine before any operation suggests something pretty obvious. Their problems are not physical, but psychological, and operations will not solve their problems on a long-term basis.
Anyone who already is unhappy with their perfectly fine, healthy body right now will certainly not be able to handle their body growing old.
It`s like some psychological disease sweeping the so-called `developed` countries.
In less econonomically developed countries, they have far more relevant and pressing issues, like getting water, food, shelter, education for their children, and just staying alive.

We are so lucky in the west, but don`t we just still love to whine!

And because we are in the age of consumerism, we are so trapped in the concept of self. Self is the big marketplace.

You just somehow won`t be able to live unless you`ve had that Tummy-tuc, that Lipo-suction, that Nose-job, or those Breast Implants or Penis Augmentation.

Look, I have nothing against Cosmetic Surgery, it has helped a lot of people....but it has hurt a lot of people too.

What scares me the most is the HIVE mentality. This desperate need to fact, the big push to make people conform.
You see all these women on TV shows and magazines...if you stood them all in a long line, they all look the same. It`s like watching some horrific alien illness.
I love the Human Body, I love the way it comes in all shapes and sizes and a stunningly beautiful range of tones. It`s the differences that make us so interesting, so desirable to each other.
As an Artist, I have to look at the details of the Human body, how it moves, tilts, shifts, hangs in different poses and activities.
In it`s natural form, it is truly beautiful.
For example, you can spot Breast Implants a mile off. They just don`t move right. They don`t flatten out properly when you lie down, and almost always, you see the contour line of the Breast implant under the skin, as if there`s a flying saucer trapped in there.
Yep, Breasts are becoming saucer-shaped. (Although some look like malformed melons, or various interesting other varieties of Fruit!!)
Convincing yourself that these look natural is like an anorexic looking in the mirror and thinking they look fat.
If you`re going to do it, if you`ll simply `die` without Cosmetic Surgery, at least remember that you`re body is a living growing part of you, and it will continue to change shape and texture throughout your life....whether you like it or not.
Best to get used to that now.
And all you guys out there, bigger isn`t always going to work in your favour!
There are a lot of females out there who will look at it, say, "Yep!..That`s big all right...but you sure as Hell aren`t bringing that near me!"
Life is about different Horses for different Courses.
And anyway sweeties, it certainly isn`t the size that`s what you do with it!!!
You could be the biggest guy on the block, and still be crap in bed!
Your skill as a lover is what counts, this is the real Art form, and size has nothing to do with it.

Go over to your mirror...take off all of your clothes..don`t be bashful sweeties, naked is good.
Look at mean REALLY look at yourself. Look at yourself from all angles, touch your skin, feel your flesh.
Look at how your muscles move under your skin, move your joints to feel how your bones move.
Don`t just get to know it, get to love it........your body is truly amazing.
This body has carried you faithfully all these years, a living breathing part of you.

Don`t ignore it, it is a thing of great beauty.
All I`m really saying is be yourself, don`t conform..........and if you`ll die if you don`t conform.... well at least don`t become a caricature!