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Monday, June 27, 2005


So who is my Lady Electra?
Lady Electra is a City-girl, a City-girl who is bound-up with
Stocks and Bonds, Financial Trading, and Global Commerce.
She has escaped the Stock Exchange for the day!
What she yearns for is a Holiday in the Countryside.
She calls her Chauffeur- drive Bentley, and heads out of the City.
Her driver, Jeeves, knows her too well, and knows instinctively where to take her.
A place with the vision and scent of beauty, a quiet little corner of the countryside....what could be better than blue skies, a field of poppies and Summer grasses.
And, of course, a place where her exotic perfume will not be outdone by the scent of a rose.
He knows, that when they arrive at her destination, he will open the rear door of the Bentley for her, and will be met with the heavy scent of Connelly Leather mingled with the musk of her Coco Chanel perfume.
She will have already have removed her Harvey Nichols business suit. Her beautiful La Perla silk camisole and silk panties will be neatly folded beside her Louis Vuitton pocket book on the leather upholstery.
She takes with her only her silk scarf, and the golden bangles which she wears.
She has made herself a garland of poppies, worn loosely around her hips, and wanders freely in the field of poppies, with the gentle breeze catching in the folds of her silk scarf, the flowers and summer grasses brushing against her legs, for even they wish to be close to her, and the warm summer sun caressing her smooth skin.
Jeeves watches her from the Bentley. Soon, she will want to return.

Electra in progress