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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Innocence and the Angel

Its amazing just how many of us believe in Angels. We can`t see them, we can`t touch them, but somehow these winged guardians and divine messengers are part of many cultures around our world.
Out of curiousity, I did a Search on Angels. I got Hells Angels, Blue Angels, US Navy Blue Angels, Charlies Angels, Los Angeles Angels, City of Angels, Angels and Demons, Angel Glamour sites, Paintings of Angels, and Dark Angels, among many more listings, including Angel products of just about every material you can imagine, Glassware, Ceramics, Embroidery, posters, transfers, T-shirts, Books, computer games and, of course, ebay!
And what did I get out of this? Only thoughts really.
If Angels walk among us...would we recognise them? If an Angel chose to become earthbound for a visit, a mission, or just a Holiday... they would have to fit in disuise.
It would require a visit to a shopping mall...they would have to have a credit card!
An Angel with a credit card...there`s a strange thought!
And, they would need a House to operate from, in order to fit in....they would need Real Estate!
Not enough just to buy all of those Designer Label Clothes, they would need to consult an Estate Agent, or a Realtor! .....To Rent or to Buy.... ah! ... the Eternal Question!
And an appartment or a mansion?! City or Rural?!
Depends on whether its a holiday or a mission, I suppose!
If we met someone who drove the latest Mercedes Benz, or Harley Davidson, dressed in Dolce Gabbanna, Versache or Armani, or in Levi jeans for that matter, in jewellerey, be it diamonte, gold or Tiffany jewellery......would we for one moment suspect that they were an Angel?
How would you know that the Hells Angel in Bikers leathers on the Harley wasn`t indeed an Angel?
Of course not..... why would we?
And would they enjoy themselves, fitting in? I suspect they would. Their job, of course, is to see further and deeper than the trappings, to see within. But, there`s no reason why they too shouldn`t enjoy a taste of life while they are here!
But what if they don`t want to go back....I wonder how many little feathers have been shed along the way....?!!
Just one of Zep`s bizarre little thoughts!