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Sunday, May 01, 2005

My friend Babs

I have always admired Babs. She was a true Vamp and Diva.
I never knew whether her sunglasses were Ray-Ban or Dolce, but she never took them off.
She had the most amazing Designer Collection of Evening Dresses and scarves, made from beautiful Silk, Velvet and Lace.
She always wore the sexiest Lingerie, with a particular passion for Corsets, Suspender Garters and Stockings. She favoured textured, patterned or striped Stockings.

Her jewellery, lipstick, nails and accessories always matched her outfit, and I never saw her with a hair out of place. I think she visited her Hair Stylist once a week.
And always smelling divine. She had a love of Chanel perfume. She never wore anything else.
Chanel Coco when in evening wear, and Chanel No5 when she `felt floral`.
Babs moved away, which was a real pity. She was a true DIVA.


Swifty said...

It seems to me I missed out on a whole section of your blog when I first read it. For sure, I didn't see this pic.

I love your style and your choice of colour.

I have to confess, I'm evaluating this as a man. As most people know, we are first and foremost visual creatures, and respond even to simple line drawings (a fact a lot of women don't seem to appreciate) if they're done well; and your drawing is impeccable.

I like the way the dress is split, as if caught in a draught, revealing the panties underneath (Marlyn Monroe style). This appeals to my voyeuristic tendencies. Tasteful, but extremely erotic.


Zeppellina said...

Hi Don!

Glad you like this one, there`s a little erotic play on the shape of the blown skirt too!

Enjoyed doing this drawing!

Swifty said...

Aha, I see what you mean. I think. You're referring to the split, in the way it's opened up, and the overall shape made by the billowing skirt? You know, if I had noticed that, I guess I would have kept it to myself, for fear of making myself look like a sex-obsessed maniac. LOL. I hate inhibitions. Anyway, that is SO cool. Or should I say 'hot'? Hmmm... I'll have to stop talking to Americans.

Thanks for that, you've suddenly given it so much more depth.

Zeppellina said...

No problem Don, you DO know you mentioned voyeurism again, my darling, don`t you?..........
I see a wonderful trend here....!!!