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Monday, May 02, 2005

Red Straps

In Red straps, I wanted to explore my love of Corsets.... Of Lace-up Corsets....... Corsets with Red Laces. And of course, undone!....or at least, partially undone.

Fashion looks so much better when it is partially undone!
Her high-heeled lace-up shoes however, are not undone...they are fully bound around her silky legs, but of course!


boneman said...

Are you using real models, photos or the mirror?
I personally can't afford the first, so most times I use the second, and though I occassionally use the last, I'm fairly certain I won't be making any sales of an old VN vet, striped OR dressed.

boneman said...

I still be coming to enjoy this picture.
I see where it sez it's a "sold out" and that makes me feel better because I can't afford the print, but, it makes me sad cause one of these days I will be able to afford the print and it will still be...."sold out"

But, she is a pretty one sittin' there with her strings flyin loose and all.

boneman said...

Yep. Back again.....

Can ya tell that this is m'favorite?

boneman said...

No kiddin'.
This probably is a self portrait.

boneman said...

yup! There she is, still as pretty as ever.