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Monday, January 16, 2006

Zoo Girl, Fractured Dream

Isn`t this information technology age we live in quite wonderful!
I popped out to my local appliance store and bought myself a Trust Wireless Scroll Tablet....A TB-4200 to be precise.
Not in the least bit expensive, but definately a best buy!

Before starting this blog, the information technology age was something other people were involved with. My PC was something which merely sent and received emails...!

But I am learning! And, as an artist, I have a new toy!

Using the original watercolour, and my new wireless scroll tablet, I played around with art programs on the PC. Something I never imagined doing not so long ago.
Perfect for a wee bit of abstraction!

Zoo Girl Fractured Dreams


Dragonsbane said...

Beautiful Images. I like the variations. If you also dabble in photos check out Adobe Photoshop elements 4.0. For $90, it is the most amazing program I have ever seen. It allows to organize photos, create albums, photo stacks, catalogs, notes, and then all kinds of photo effects, layers, etc. I just started using it, and need to buy some books to understand all it can do.
I'll check out the site you found.
Do you have a link to your post about cosmetic surgery? I'll look though your site to see if I can find it as well.
take care.

Zeppellina said...

Hi Dragonsbane!

Yes, I enjoyed a wee `rant` about cosmetic surgery, it`s on the blog, further done. If you scroll down through the site, it`s called

`Some thoughts on Cosmetic Surgery`

I`m going to post the next few thoughts on cosmetic surgery soon!

Adobe Photoshop is wonderful, I confess I am not yet very computer literate, and like you, I `m still trying to learn how to use it!

But, hopefully if I play around with it on a more regular basis, I might get some really nice effects.

I have seen some really amazing artwork done by digital artists.

There is a text link on my site to a site called Rendererotica.

You would love the effects achieved by the artists featured.....well worth a look!

Check it out...they also do a newsletter too, which discusses techniques. Let me know how you get on.

Dragonsbane said...

After looking at the series again, I believe that this one is my favorite. Either printed on gloss paper, or even better, done is glass, this one is really beautiful.

Zeppellina said...

Yes, I like this one too.
I loved working with paints, brushes and paper on the original watercolour.
There is definately something very therapeutic for an artist about paint and paper....


I am quite enjoying playing with the computer to adapt the image once it is done, and I do love this one!
And you are right about it`s ability to translate into glass too!

I hope to play around with the PC on images more often in the future.
It`s quite tricky for me to learn, but the effects achievable are too good to miss!

boneman said...

'puters are fun to play with, but most should come with a warning...
"Warning: The user may be gone for a few days while experimenting..."

But, I'm guessing you know what I mean by now, eh?

I'm kinda looking at these backwards (I think) but following your suggestion, I'm thinking Zoo Girl is having one heck of a wet dream....

Don't pay too much attention to these here words, though, 'cause I haven't made my way through the whole of the story yet.

Zeppellina said...

Hi Boneman!

Good to see you back here!

Yes, computer art programs have a way of capturing time, you`re right about that one! There`s a learning curve to get through!
They are also incredibly addictive!

But no, they are not my illustrations on the Student Byreite site.
It isn`t one of my sites, and I unfortunately cannot lay claim to any of the writing or the artwork.
The site is written and illustrated by an internet friend of mine, and, like most artists, I am influenced by other artworks and techniques which I like!
I liked the starkness of the illustrations, and wondered how these techniques could not only be achieved, but would translate into my own imagery and artwork.
There is always a point in an artists work where they discover new techniques which another artist is using, and where those influences, for a period of time, become clearly visible in their own work.
This is obviously one of these moments, and one which I am happy to acknowledge.
Seeing the illustrations on Student Byreite were really what made me play with the computer on my artwork, and, in that, they have done me a great service.
Hopefully, as I play around with the art programs,and develop my own artwork further in style, there will
be an individuallity there which will
be undoubtably my own.
So, the story on Student Byreite isn`t one of Zoo Girls dreams, wish it was, ...who knows what she`s dreaming, hope it`s as good as that!!

I don`t think my internet friend would mind me saying that, as far as I have been told, it is, indeed a true story of sexual encounters from their own diary, beginning in the 1970`s.

Pretty impressive, I think!!!!!!

kate said...

wow! I liked the corset, but these women are fabulous. I LOVE all the texture in your work.

I have never worked with watercolor as it seems daunting to me (not to be able to erase my strokes) but your images make me want to have at it! Thanks

Zeppellina said...

Hi Kate!

I`m really still finding my feet with the medium, but I love playing around with it!
It`s tricky, but the more you use it, the more you love using it, if you see what I mean!
Yes, it is different from oils, in that once you`ve done something, there`s no going back!
But you get used to that eventually too!
Good to see you!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to
Net Branch

Anonymous said...

I live this piece. That would look great on my wall. This could look cool with a mylar affect.