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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bride of thorns

Bride of thorns


boneman said...

Almost "patriotic" what with all the red,white and blue, gal. Now I understand what you meant when you wrote of the veil. Hey, I'll give ya all kinds of extra points 'cause I have never really actually even attepted a veil.

The attitude in her face and how she carries it to her chest is very interesting, though, and, being a "full field kinda guy, the rest ain't so bad, either.
Just a trim, eh?

JLB said...

This is simply beautiful Zeppellina, and it suits my mood for today so wonderfully! A pleasure, as always, to enjoy your work.

Zeppellina said...

You know, Boneman, I never really thought about the red white and blue bit when I did it......isn`t that weird!!!
But you`re right...there seems to be a lot of red, white and blue there!!!
Strange one!
I think you`d be good at doing viels!

Hi Jlb, good to see you again!
I`m glad you like this image, and glad it became a good part of your day...
a wonderful compliment!

Lee said...

Lovely Zeppellina. As always she poses so many questions. And is beautiful, too.

kindurco said...

Hiya Zep,


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Deliciously sensual:-))

kyahgirl said...

Hi zep-just dropping in from cyberpoles. Your art is gorgeous!
I'll be back.


Doug said...

Great work, as per usual, Zep.

Christ-as-bride -- nice reworking of that metaphor. Even the way she holds her head is very iconic.

I like all the layers in your work: intellectual, historical, visual. The colors and patterning are great.

The henna on the hands complements the hair so well, and contrasts the (to my eyes) Western wallpaper-like backdrop.

I find the doubling of the dent above her lips and the highlighted clitoris, too -- a pun? Both surrounded by lips, of a kind -- what speaks louder? Is a bride expected to speak? A lot spirals off of that one juxtaposition.

Great stuff.

Tanga said...
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Zeppellina said...

Good to see you made it home safely!

good to see you back at my site...and Congrats on that new job!!!
Sounds exciting, and I know I will hear great things!

deliciously lovely comment..!!

will see you at Cyborpoles...great site, and I love your posts!

Incredibly perceptive as always...!!!
You have an amazing eye for detail, you always spot my little hidden references...!
Haven`t yet sat down to do the Html code stuff yet....... :-)

So...Click on Doug`s name link....

Everyone, check out Dougs` sites, Free expression, and Achieving Sustainability.
Really good sites.
When I finally get my act together,
I want to join in to play on
Free expression!!!!

Doug said...
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Doug said...

Hey, there.

Thanks for the kind words, Zep, and you (and anyone else) is welcome on either blog anytime.

Free Expression

Achieving Sustainability

How to do more with links.



I just LOVED the bride... she fits my image of the perfect woman... where can I find her dear Zeppelina???

Cecilie said...

Hi Zeppellina. I just came across your blog. I really enjoy all your pictures, but this one especially is startlingly beautiful. A bit provocative, sexy and deep, it's the kind of picture I'd like to hang on my wall and look at again and again. Doug mentions a lot of the things I thought of too. Being very interested in icons, this is a treat for me. I also like how I didn't see her dress the first few times I looked. Veil and unveiling in one, and with the decorations on her dress and pantyhose, she looks like a temple of love, pleasure, and wisdom.