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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Voyeuse in the leaves

So who is my Voyeuse in the Leaves?
With her calm dark eyes she is watching something or someone... an Event.
But not with technology... no Binoculars or Telescope for this lady.
She is an Old-fashioned kind of girl.
She has snuck out of her house in the dead of night, and has chosen her viewpoint to spy.....

She is in a garden somewhere, watching from the cover of the bushes and the leaves.
She could be watching anything, anyone. She likes to Watch.
Perhaps it`s your Garden....perhaps she`s in your Garden right now.


Swifty said...

After finishing commenting on you 'bound' posts, I was intrigued with ideas of people having different 'sexual flavours', and now, would you believe, I stumble across 'Voyeuse in the leaves'.

It's interesting to see the voyeuristic act taken from this perspective, that is, as if the object of the peeking is looking back at the looker.

As a person with voyeuristic tendencies this goes down very well, for in my own experience, although the pleasure of viewing is in remaining hidden, this is only due to lack of confidence; but if the fantasies of the looker are taken to their ultimate conclusion, he is discovered, but not reprimanded; instead he is welcomed and... well, you can guess the rest.

Far be it from me to suggest possible future themes for your artwork, but I think your beautiful nudes, drawn from the perspective of someone hidden, would be very popular. Well I'd like them anyway. Hmmm... le frisson secret.LOL

Swifty said...

Addendum: I'd just like to state, my voyeuristic tendencies are not of the anti-social, unacceptable kind. In other words I don't go climbing trees, peering through bedroom windows, or looking through letter-boxes and keyholes. It's much more subtle and of course, acceptable.

I have a theory that it goes back to when I was a young lad, and while out and about, I stumbled on a 'glamour' magazine, as they were called in those days. It was a private wooded area, and I was alone in flicking through it's pages. Unhindered by thoughts of possible interruption I 'enjoyed' looking in my pre-pubescent way.

Zeppellina said...

I love the art of the a safe sort of voyeuese way of course...!!!!!

Not the sort of STALKER sort of thing.....which I just know you wouldn`t do Don......I`m just teasing you now!

But you already know that!.....x

Anonymous said...