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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tattoo after William Morris

My beautiful Lady has no clothes. The constraints of clothing have been removed by her.
She is enjoying a moment of relaxation.
Over, across and around her body there are vine leaves. What are these Vines?
Perhaps she is merely a Sculpture in a Garden, and Nature has decide to become one with her, growing around her, incorporating her into flora and fauna.
Is this Lady merely a piece of Garden Furniture?

Perhaps she is indeed soft and warm, and this is Art, Body-paint lovingly applied, perhaps by someone else. She is an Artists Canvas , Brush-strokes carefully drawing Oil-Paint onto her tender and silken body.


Anonymous said...

Hi here,
Now that's good!

Zeppellina said...
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Zeppellina said...

Hi there anonymous, or Pikelet?,

Glad you liked the drawing...just liked the idea of the vine wrapping around her body..mmm...more wrapping...never thought on that...everything seems to be about wrapping just now, doesn`t it?!!
Must be something in that..I wonder..
Hope you will drop back to my site, I like to get comments about my site!

Dane's world said...

our town church has william morris Zeppellina does glass...thats what we need in our churches...

Zeppellina said...

Well hello again, marmalade....

The Morris Company did work on 3 continents...fabulous glass..Arts and Crafts Gothic Revival...

Zeppellina would love to put her work into a Church.....know of any going...let me know...!!

Will it involve marmalade..?!!

The Devil made me do it...!