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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Buying Her lingerie that she will want to wear

Buying Your Lady Lingerie That She Will Want To Wear

Lingerie boutiques can be awkward for men, but here are some suggestions and hints on what to buy and how to buy it.

“Sales staff are trained to narrow down the field by asking questions and making suggestions, so men won’t feel overawed by the range and choice.Here are some suggestions for getting her something for her, not something for you.

1.Women tend to enjoy items for special occasions that they may not buy themselves. If she usually wears a t-shirt and flannel pjs to bed, take it one step further to a baby doll or a more daring choice. “Try to make it special and fun and slightly sexier than the usual.

2. Underwear individuality.Base the lingerie on her personality. If she’s daring and assertive, go for the novelty lingerie. But if she’s more reserved, she’d prefer something subtle. Either way, you can’t go wrong with the most flattering underwear; lacy boyshorts.

3. Size matters.Don’t go into the store and measure up the sales associate to determine your wife or girlfriend’s size (”Umm, she’s about your size”). Do some investigative work. Open up her underwear drawer and check out the sizes before you go shopping. Also, peek in her closet to
find out her dress, blouse, and pant sizes, so you can at least narrow it down to small, medium, or large.

4. How big are they anyway?If you’ve ever wanted to know how women determine the 36 in 36-26-38, here’s the gist:

• She measures her chest diameter, just below her breasts.

• Add 5 to this number to get a number usually between 32-40 (the band size).

• To get cup size, she measures the diameter of her chest directly over her nipples.

• The difference between these two numbers determines cup size. (For every inch, you go up a size, so to be a D-cup the difference between the two numbers would be 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches.)

5. Underneath it all.Buy her classy lingerie that she can wear under her clothes. “Women prefer something that’s sexy but can be worn on a daily basis. A lot of women like to feel sexy during the day, by wearing something under their clothing that can crossover from daywear into night. Even when she’s at work, it will make her feel sexy to know she’s wearing something special underneath. And she’ll be thinking about the man who bought her that something special - all day.


kindurco said...

Hi Zep,
Such good advice, especially about checking out the sizes by going through her Underwear drawer - so long as you are not caught eh!! plus - no taking samples with you!

There is also the another alternative - Write a lovely letter which says something like ' I adore you and want to buy you something special which you will enjoy wearing and thinking of me, so may I take you to '...insert store name' and we can purchase something together for a special date........' that sort of thing. Also if you DO buy it yourself, keep the receipt in case she does need to change it, if what you buy does not fit!!

p.s. Love the new drawings - but I a still waiting on the update to Fallen Angel that I helped you with!!!

Lee said...

I never stop learning! Thank you for that and good to 'find' you again! (OK, you found me again, but good none the less.)

Zeppellina said...

Hello Kindurs!!!

Good advice too Kindurs..!

I`m really hoping that I get some nice undies myself for Xmas...!!!

Ah...strange you should mention that one...the Fallen Angel...where things stopped for a while there..

She is being worked on..but don`t tell anyone...!!!


Zeppellina said...

Hi Lee..

Good to see you again.. yes. I`m back...
about time too..!

Need to make a few changes to the blog...!!

Good to see you Lee.

Anonymous said...
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