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Monday, May 30, 2005

Zoo Girl....... Topped & Tailed


mellymutton said...


Much love and peace to you tonight and always..

PS. Any tips on how to get rid of the hickups???



Zeppellina said...

Peace and love to you too, Mellymutton.....hiccups?....ouch!
Not sure I can help you with that one.......try some honey..
Hope you drop by again.

Swifty said...

Out of all your prints, Zoogirl made the least impact. That is, until after publishing her on my blog. Now I have the pleasure of seeing her all of the time, along with the other three, I've come to like her best. But I'm not sure if I like her simply as a piece of work, or, crazy of crazies, I've fallen in love with her. Help! Is this normal?

Zeppellina said...

Hi Don!

Glad to see you, your blog looks great! Thank you for putting some of my artwork on your site!
The Zoo girls, I have to say are among my favourites, especially the one you have shown on your site, Zoo Girl topped and Tailed.
I know someone else who has fallen in love with her too!