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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bubbles, The final Wrap


Circuitloss said...

I think your work is beautiful. Although, I kinda like "wrapped" sans bubbles. It's like a neon mummy.

Zeppellina said...

Hi circuitloss!
Thanks for your comments! Yes...neon mummy is a good description..I like`s good! I`m working on another couple of drawings just now..but with less wrapping...!

Cedara_ThruTheAtticDoor said...

You do amazing artwork!
I think a key to being "creative" is looking at items with different eyes.
I will be checking your blog again soon.

Zeppellina said...

Hi there! Thanks for the lovely comments! You have a good site too!
I`ll drop by your site again!

katiedid said...

I quite like the bubbles. Adds an unexpected texture, I think.

Swifty said...

I'm looking at these through 'new' eyes, having taken on board the comment on your latest post.

I've seen pictures before of 'practitioners' fully bound. And without knowing the psychology of bondage, I'm guessing this equates to the ultimate in helplessness, barely able to move a muscle, and only just being able to breathe. I like the idea of that, as there's something erotic in the knowledge that someone is gaining exquisite sexual pleasure from whatever their 'given' sexual practice is.

I much prefer your pics, as I think what you've done is idealised, what on the Net, are mainly crude snaps.

One thing I've never asked, what medium do you use to ceate these drawing/paintings?

Annalee Blysse said...

Great work on here. This image is so unique. I really like the designs.