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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Back from the Bar

Went out for a few drinks of rose` wine tonight. Met some Alaskans, you know, cold weather, bears - Glocks, (don`t forget kiddies, nine don`t stop a bear......keep one for yourself!), and all that jazz...well, if you`re reading this...and you`re from Alaska, well I guess you`re okay!
Strange thing though, couldn`t quite get my head around this one, one of them now lives in San Diego (big naval base), and had never heard of Tom Waits.
Talk about, "doing a scene with a magazine"....and all the other stuff from Nighthawks.
He`d never heard of Tom.........
........was the only tune in his head the pounding of his pulse?!....
and him with his baseball cap on backwards too!!!..............
But then, him and his compadres (hot baked Alaskans), had an Edinboro tour guide, who`d "had his tea"....they all disappeared upstairs to an all-night drinking den at the end of the night.
No doubt, I`ll get up tomorrow morning, at 6 am., and collect the eyeballs and various other parts that are always left behind.

Ahhh! Tourism.......don`t you just love it!

Moral.............Don`t shoot bears with an elephant gun!


Poetry_man said...

Had a good friend, an Alaskan, who was hiking though a meadow near the end of summer. His 45 was in his back pack.

He heard sounds and whumping, turned around, and there were two bear coming at him full speed across the meadow. They were about 40 yards away, coming full boar, so to speak.

In the very few seconds that it took for them to be on him, he put his pack down got out his pistol, aimed at the lead boar and fired. The bear went down.

By now they were so close that he was sure he was done for. He targeted the second and fired. That boar literally landed at his feet.

Two boar, two shot from a 45. Both were record book size.

I saw the pictures, I saw the write up in Field nad Stream. It happened!

Zeppellina said...

Well hello there poetry-man!
That is a wonderful story! I`ve been waiting for ages for someone to comment on this one!
Quite a friend you have there...good person to have nearby in a crisis!
Just wish I`d known that story when I met my Alaskans!
They were on holiday, having fun, and full of drink and hunting stories...they had a good time!
Thank you for telling me that story...and I hope you`ll come back to my site again1